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Hand Crafted Charcuterie

Locally Made in the Hudson valley

by jackiscooking llc


Charcuterie:  French: from chair 'flesh' and cuit 'cooked' is the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products, such as baconhamsausage, pâtés, and confit, primarily from pork.


JACüTERIE:  Classically inspired Charcuterie made by Jackiscooking LLC in Ancramdale, New York.  Focusing on small batch European style dry cured sausages, specialty smoked bacons, and fresh sausages.  

Drawing from the finest traditions from Europe and beyond,  JACüTERIE products are all inspired by the varying flavors of the world,  but are made locally in the Hudson Valley of New York with local Pork and the finest spices and herbs.

Our USDA inspected Charcuterie plant is located in Ancramdale, NY at our family farm Herondale Farm.  We source all our pasture raised pork for our charcuterie and sausages from family owned farms in New York state.  


Our Dry Cured Sausages are made slowly over the course of five weeks.  We carefully select the best meat and then blend it with carefully measured spices, herbs, salt, and sometimes a splash of wine.  The sausages are given a short rest to allow the ingredients to marinate together.  We then hang the sausages in our special curing chambers designed specifically by JACüTERIE for four weeks until they are ready to eat.  


JACüTERIE Bacon is set apart from the rest by our unique recipes.  While classic bacon is usually made with a cure of Sugar and Salt, we play with the theme and create some unique flavors by experimenting with locally available sweeteners like Maple Syrup, and Wildflower Honey.   Not wanting to stop there we add in other elements and flavors to make a set of unique bacons that you won't find elsewhere.


JACüTERIE Fresh Sausages are inspired by classic sausage varieties found around the world, as well as a few of my own creations.  Using only the best quality pork and carefully selected spices and herbs, you won't find a better sausage around.  We never use any fillers or artificial ingredients so you know what you are getting with these sausages.  There are a few staples, but new flavors are always making an appearance depending on what’s in season!



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We are Proud to announce our partnership with Farms2Tables for wholesale distribution of select products in the New York Area.  For wholesale inquiries feel free to contact us via the above form or visit www.Farms2Tables.com for more information