Hand Crafted Charcuterie

Locally Made in the Hudson valley

by jackiscooking llc


Charcuterie:  French: from chair 'flesh' and cuit 'cooked' is the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products, such as bacon, ham, sausage, pâtés, and confit, primarily from pork.

JACUTERIE:  A play on the name Jack (founder and owner) and the french word CHARCUTERIE.  


JACUTERIE is an artisanal charcuterie company in the Hudson Valley of New York.  We operate out of our own USDA inspected facility, where we specialize in European style dry cured salami, whole muscle charcuterie, and small batches of fresh sausages.  While we take our inspiration for flavors from across the globe, all our products are made locally in the Hudson Valley, sourcing our meats and other ingredients from as many local sources as possible.  We also make several flavors of smoked bacon and larger quantities of fresh sausages at neighboring USDA facilities in the area.  

Founded in 2012 by Jack Peele at Herondale Farm, JACUTERIE continues to grow and add new styles of charcuterie every year.  You can find our products at several farmers markets in the Hudson Valley and the Berkshires, as well as stores and restaurants throughout New York state, and New England.  We ship our charcuterie Nationwide.


The fall season has fast approached! We have had a vision for some time now to host a Jacuterie Oktoberfest gathering at Herondale farm where our pork is raised. This year we are making it happen!! In True JACUTERIE style we will be taking inspiration from across the globe for this event. Partnered with Poor Pepper Devil Co. lacto-fermented hot sauces, Jacuterie will be roasting a Herondale pig in a traditional Hawaiian Imu (Scroll down for more! ) and grilling up some special fall inspired sausages. We hope everybody can come and join us for this fall Event!
Join us on OCTOBER 13 2019 at 1:30 PM for this fun feast!
Tickets are $40 (Under 12 is free) and all include


We will be donating a portion of all our ticket sales to the Roe Jan Food Pantry, as well as holding a raffle to raise some extra funds for the food pantry this thanksgiving and holiday season.

This is a very cool way of roasting a pig. A Large fire is built in a pit with many rocks placed on top of the fire. after burning for several hours these rocks are RED HOT! The pig is placed on top of the rocks and wrapped in banana leaves, before being buried overnight. The next day a piping hot pig emerges ready to be eaten!



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